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2007 Try-Athlon Eligibles

Name State Or Province Country
Roy Bauska WA USA
William Byrd WA USA
Anne Byrd WA USA
Bettie Lou Cline OR USA
Mary-Elise Diedrich OR USA
Becky Forsythe WA USA
Eric Glosenger OR USA
Bruce Hawkes BC CANADA
Joan Heins WA USA
Lori Heinzen WA USA
Wendy Hill WA USA
Rick Huls WA USA
Paula Huls WA USA
Pat Jewett OR USA
Joseph Kelly OR USA
Karen Kelly OR USA
Judy Koonce OR USA
Joan Miller OR USA
Glenn Miller WA USA
Sharon Miller PA USA
George Minter OR USA
Walker (Burt) Paynter WA USA
Romana Paynter WA USA
Robert Perras WA USA
Anita Robinson OR USA
Leslie (Hope) Rolland WA USA
Mary Anne Ryerse WA USA
Raymond Scholl OR USA
Rachel Spanks OR USA
Cheryl White WA USA
Greg White WA USA
Neil Willman WA USA
Brenda Wondzell OR USA

Total Number Eligible: 33


2006 Try-Athlon Eligibles

NameState Or ProvinceCountry
Richard BakerWAUSA
Roy BauskaWAUSA
William ByrdWAUSA
Anne ByrdWAUSA
Nancie FletcherWAUSA
Becky ForsytheWAUSA
Eric GlosengerORUSA
Bruce HawkesBCCANADA
Joan HeinsWAUSA
Karen HighfieldORUSA
Wendy HillWAUSA
Thomas JacksonPAUSA
Pat JewettORUSA
Karen KellyORUSA
Joseph KellyORUSA
Judy KoonceORUSA
Bob KunzmannWAUSA
Jack LafemanWAUSA
Cindy MayhakWAUSA
Glenn MillerWAUSA
Anita OlszykWAUSA
David OlszykWAUSA
Walker (Burt) PaynterWAUSA
Romana PaynterWAUSA
Daryl PulleyORUSA
Raymond SchollORUSA
Eric SherwoodBCCANADA
Peggy Ann SherwoodBCCANADA
Gabriel SoulierWAUSA
Mark SoulierWAUSA
Brianna SoulierWAUSA
Anne WaltherORUSA
Lorraine WeaverMDUSA
Neil WillmanWAUSA

Total Number Eligible: 37


Name: Country:
Roy Bauska USA
Carol Braman USA
Anne Byrd USA
William Byrd USA
Bob Forsythe USA
Becky Forsythe USA
Mike Garland USA
Eric Glosenger USA
Julie Groth USA
Bruce Hawkes CANADA
Joan Heins USA
Rick Huls USA
Paula Huls USA
Pat Jewett USA
Joseph Kelly USA
Karen Kelly USA
Dennis Kelly USA
Judy Koonce USA
Bob Kunzmann USA
Jack Lafeman USA
Christy Mackiewicz USA
David Madsen USA
Glenn Miller USA
David Olszyk USA
Anita Olszyk USA
Rick Patchen USA
Romana Paynter USA
Walker (Burt) Paynter USA
Robert Perras USA
David Petre USA
Daryl Pulley USA
Mary Anne Ryerse USA
Raymond Scholl USA
Peggy Ann Sherwood CANADA
Eric Sherwood CANADA
Cheryl White USA
Greg White USA
Neil Willman USA


Linda Barneson California USA
Julie Baumler Oregon USA
William Byrd Washington USA
Anne Byrd Washington USA
Frances Carson Washington USA
Patrick Cecil Oregon USA
Bob Forsythe Washington USA
Becky Forsythe Washington USA
Eric Glosenger Oregon USA
Megan Gobble Oregon USA
Martin Hash Washington USA
Joan Heins Washington USA
Ansgar Hoffman   GERMANY
Rick Huls Washington USA
Paula Huls Washington USA
Pat Jewett Oregon USA
Bettie Jones Oregon USA
Joseph Kelly Oregon USA
Karen Kelly Oregon USA
Lothar Kesting   GERMANY
Elysabeth Knapp Oregon USA
Judy Koonce Oregon USA
Radek Lopusnik Colorado USA
Jack Maxcy Washington USA
Alicia Maxcy Washington USA
Harald Meyer   GERMANY
Cheryl Mockford Washington USA
David Olszyk New York USA
Anita Olszyk Washington USA
Roma Paynter Washington USA
Walker (Burt) Paynter Washington USA
Robert Perras Washington USA
Daryl Pulley Oregon USA
Peggy Ann Sherwood British Columbia CANADA
Barbara Smith Washington USA
Stephanie Smith Washington USA
David Velthauser Washington USA
Cheryl White Washington USA
Greg White Washington USA
Neil Willman Washington USA
Emily Willman Washington USA
Heinz-Gunter Winterscheid   GERMANY
Greg Zschomler Washington USA
Isaiah Zschomler Washington USA



Name   State Country
Linda J Barneson CA USA
Julie  Baumler OR USA
Carol  Braman OR USA
Sandy  Brenteson WA USA
Janet  Bull OR USA
Anne L Byrd WA USA
William F Byrd WA USA
Liz  Connors WA USA
William D. Cox WA USA
Melanie  Dickinson OR USA
Ray  Diedrich OR USA
Mary-Elise Diedrich OR USA
Cheryl  Dines WA USA
Eric  Glosenger OR USA
Jan  Harris WA USA
Bruce  Hawkes BC CANADA
Joan  Heins WA USA
Sheryl  Hoefer WA USA
Dawn Avila  Holdstock OR USA
Joseph T Kelly OR USA
Karen  Kelly OR USA
Judy  Koonce OR USA
Jack A Lafeman WA USA
Alicia L Maxcy WA USA
Jack D Maxcy WA USA
Pamela  Milne WA USA
Charles A Patterson WA USA
Roma  Paynter WA USA
Walker (Burt) B Paynter WA USA
Robert  Perras WA USA
Daryl M Pulley OR USA
Mary Anne  Ryerse WA USA
M W A (Mike)  Schlegel BC CANADA
W H (Wolf)  Schlegel BC CANADA
Marnae M Schmidt WA USA
Peggy Ann  Sherwood BC CANADA
Karen  Sjogren OR USA
Sandy  Treibel WA USA
Cheryl  White WA USA
Greg  White WA USA
Name   State Country
Cynthia Abrahamson WA USA
Carol Braman OR USA
Janet Bull OR USA
Art Burrill WA USA
Nancy Burrill WA USA
Anne L Byrd WA USA
Bill Byrd WA USA
William F Byrd WA USA
Frances Carson WA USA
Mary-Elise Diedrich OR USA
Ray Diedrich OR USA
Michele Druschel WA USA
Lynn S Gleason WA USA
Eric Glosenger OR USA
Michelle Hammer WA USA
Joan Heins WA USA
Howard Hill OH USA
Jennifer C Jackson WA USA
Elysabeth Knapp OR USA
Cari Krippner WA USA
Jack A Lafeman WA USA
Joanne Lafeman WA USA
Gretchen Malaski CO USA
Ray Malaski CO USA
John (Jack) E Odgaard OR USA
Rhonda Opoka WA USA
Charles A Patterson WA USA
Roma Paynter WA USA
Walker (Burt) B Paynter WA USA
Daryl M Pulley OR USA
M W A (Mike) Schlegel BC CANADA
W H (Wolf) Schlegel BC CANADA
Marnae M Schmidt WA USA
Peggy Ann Sherwood BC CANADA
Sandy Treibel WA USA
Cheryl White WA USA
Greg White WA USA

Note:  These are registrants for a walk, bike,and swim.  As non-competitive, untimed events we cannot verify that they completed all events.

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