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2007 32K Honor Roll

Name State Country
Bartmess, Conner WA USA
Bartmess, Judy WA USA
Bartmess, Todd WA USA
Brink, Gary OR USA
Bruner, N. Randall WA USA
Bumgardner, Wendy A OR USA
Burling, Joy TX USA
Cahoon, Tyler WA USA
Chalmers, David B TX USA
Cline, Bettie Lou OR USA
Cohen, Neil CA USA
Copeland, Charlotte M OR USA
Craig, Carol Joy OR USA
Dace, David OR USA
Daum, Dennie OR USA
Davis, Lena M OR USA
Dorregeest, Kees   NETHERLANDS
Dorregeest, Lia   NETHERLANDS
Edde, Preston WA USA
Forsythe, Becky WA USA
Friar, Tom WA USA
Garrison, Chuck WA USA
Glosenger, Eric OR USA
Grillo, Ernest G WA USA
Grillo, Sheila WA USA
Hansen, Kees Noord-Holland NETHERLANDS
Hansen-Koopman, Bep Noord-Holland NETHERLANDS
Highfield, Karen OR USA
Jaggar, S. Charles OR USA
Kelly, Karen OR USA
Laws, Roman WA USA
Niss, Barbara OR USA
Olson, Margie WA USA
Paynter, Walker (Burt) B WA USA
Pollard, Stephanie WA USA
Raetz, Randolph WA USA
Reed, Margaret WA USA
Regan, Carol WA USA
Rice, Matt WA USA
Roberson, Cole WA USA
Ross, Jonathan WA USA
Smith, Brody WA USA
Steedle, Dorothy MI USA
Suzuki, Zach WA USA
Thomas, Sandy I WA USA
Thomas, Terry WA USA
Torres, Alexander WA USA
Torres, Gabriel WA USA
Torres, Maria OR USA
Torres, Stephen WA USA
Walther, Anne OR USA



Name            State/Province            Country

Boning, Jan - ON - CANADA

Borg, Mary - OR - USA

Botten, Jeff - WA - USA

Broome, Diane M - OR - USA

Burton, Toni - WA - USA

Buys, Jens - BELGIUM

Campbell, Brian - WR - ENGLAND


Cole, Jenny - WA - USA

Cole, Margaret - WA - USA

Davies, John - WR - ENGLAND

Defever, Christine - BELGIUM

Eggers, Jan - WA - USA

Endresen, Sue - WA - USA

Forsythe, Becky - WA - USA

Forsythe, Bob - WA - USA

Gale, Janice - BC - CANADA

Gilbert, Bonnie - WA - USA

Glosenger, Eric - OR - USA

Grimsted, Mary Lou - WA - USA

Grimsted, Ted - WA - USA

Hackler, Camille - WA - USA

Hartman, W. Alfred - OR - USA

Heijnen, Rolf - NETHERLANDS

Jackson, Thomas - PA - USA

Jaggar, S. Charles - OR - USA

Karr, Donna - OR - USA

Knezevich, Shelley - OR - USA

Lemke, Folker - GERMANY

Loper-Hetlage, Dee - OR - USA

Manley, Angela - OR - USA

Mockford, Cheryl - WA - USA

Nicollsen, Doinita - OR - USA

Niss, Barbara - OR - USA

O'Donnell, Mary Beth - WA - USA

Olson, Margie - WA - USA

Palenshus, Ann - WA - USA

Paynter, Walker (Burt) B - WA - USA

Santana, M. Lisa - WA - USA

Shockley, Sharon - OR - USA

Steedle, Dorothy - WA - USA

Sturm, Connie - OR - USA

Thomas, Jack - OR - USA

Van Stichel, Els BELGIUM

Volonte, Gina - OR - USA

Walther, Anne - OR - USA

Weatherby, Rozy - OR - USA

White, Jennifer - WA - USA

Wood, Ethel - OR - USA

Total 32K Walkers, Either Or Both Days: - 50


Name State Country
Abneg, James OR USA
Albright, Gwendolyn WA USA
Ayers, Tina WA USA
Beauchamp, Micki Jean OR USA
Boning, Jan ON CANADA
Bumgardner, Wendy OR USA
Buykx, Anthony Adrian   AUSTRALIA
Davis, Lena M OR USA
DeBenedetti, Judith OR USA
Eblers, Devin WA USA
Fay, Stephanie WA USA
Finnegan, Pat WA USA
Glosenger, Eric OR USA
Harding, Hal OR USA
Heaton, Adrian WA USA
Heid, Steven WA USA
Holzinger, Jackie WA USA
Inloes, Erik WA USA
Inloes, Jordan WA USA
Inloes, Scott WA USA
Isono, Ms. Kiyoko   JAPAN
Jaggar, Charles OR USA
Klees, Jena WA USA
Klomp-Mentink, Bets   NETHERLANDS
Kojima, Ms. Kiyoko   JAPAN
Kuno, Mr. Kazuhiko   JAPAN
Lewhan, Debbie WA USA
Lucking, Anthony   ENGLAND
Lynn, Bruce WA USA
Lynn, Nora WA USA
Lynn, Kathy OR USA
Madsen, Mary Anne WA USA
Martens, Frens   NETHERLANDS
Mennen, Alie   NETHERLANDS
Mennen, Wily   NETHERLANDS
Mulder, Hendrik   NETHERLANDS
Nagasawa, Ms. Michiko   JAPAN
Nelson, Simone WA USA
Nicollsen, Doinita OR USA
Ogawa, Ms. Sonoko   JAPAN
Ogle, Terry WA USA
Ogle, John WA USA
Perry, Jim WA USA
Petre, David S OR USA
Quimby, Paul WA USA
Reynolds, Linda OR USA
Rostan, Bree OR USA
Ruskin, Geoffrey WA USA
Ruskin, Vicki WA USA
Sakamoto, Ms. Hideko   JAPAN
Sasaki, Ms. Mamie   JAPAN
Sasaki, Mr. Minoru   JAPAN
Sawyer, Chase WA USA
Scalettar, Bethe OR USA
Steedle, Dorothy WA USA
Teshima, Ms Nobuko   JAPAN
Truan, Nick WA USA
Tsuji, Ms. Chizu   JAPAN
Volland, Sandi OR USA
Walther, Anne OR USA
Webster, Pam OR USA
Wittenburg, Karen OR USA
Young, Susan WA USA

Those listed registered for the 32K distance.  As a non-competitive, untimed event, we cannot verify if they completed the event.

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